About Us

USA Salon & Spa is the new, exciting brand in the US Salon/Spa market, which culminates 20 years proven experience in R & D, manufacturing and distribution. From salon furniture, tables, instruments and equipment, to every aspect of aesthetics, USA Salon & Spa, our supply chain to the professional industry, touches 50 countries all over the globe. Now USA Salon & Spa is available in the USA.

Adjustable heights, easy-to-use, ergonomic lines, soft textures, easy-to-understand instructions and simple assemblies. These are just some of the factors that make USA Salon & Spa products practical, functional and, above all, comfortable.

All the essentials are provided, no fluff. Our products are technically advanced and designed to work in a more functional way. Shop from our selection of state-of-the-art beauty instruments, therapist stools, trolleys and other equipment.

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